Vol 12, No 7 (July 31, 2023): Gland Surgery

Original Article

Quantification of level I neck lymph nodes for lymph node transfer in lymphedema treatment: an anatomical study and review of literature
Warren M. Rozen, Vachara Niumsawatt, Luke D. Gibson, Ishith Seth, David J. Hunter-Smith, Edmund W. Ek
Malignancy risk in Bethesda class IV thyroid nodules in an iodine deficient region
Tommaso Loderer, Elena Bonati, Valentina Donato, Lorenzo Viani, Federico Cozzani, Paolo Del Rio
Boomerang latissimus dorsi flap in immediate or delayed breast reconstruction
Hyunbin Kim, Philseon Eo, Jeong Yeop Ryu, Kang Young Choi, Jung Dug Yang, Ho Yun Chung, Byung Chae Cho, Byeongju Kang, Jeeyeon Lee, Ho Yong Park, Joon Seok Lee
The novel use and feasibility of hemostatic oxidized regenerated cellulose agent (SurgiGuard®): multicenter retrospective study
Seoung Yoon Rho, Miryung Jin, Hyun Koo Kim, Jeong-Ik Park, Jong-Hwa Park, Sangchul Yun, Maria Lee, Sae Byeol Choi, Jae-Young Hong, Kyung Sik Kim
Lateral neck dissection surgeon volume and complications in head and neck endocrine malignancy
James C. Campbell, Hui-Jie Lee, Trinitia Y. Cannon, Russel R. Kahmke, Walter T. Lee, Liana Puscas, Daniel J. Rocke
Revisiting Loré’s retrograde thyroidectomy from the perspective of preserving the external branch of the superior laryngeal nerve
Gene Huh, Jae Hyeok Chang, Jung Woo Lee, Hyoseok Seo, Woo-Jin Jeong, Wonjae Cha
Percutaneous microwave ablation combined with endocrine therapy versus standard therapy for elderly patients with HR-positive and HER2-negative invasive breast cancer: a propensity score-matched analysis of a multi-center, prospective cohort study
Zhaoyun Zhong, Lijun Ling, Jing Tao, Weiwei Xu, Xiaoan Liu, Chao Qian, Siqi Wang, Jing Deng, Shui Wang, Wenbin Zhou, Hong Pan
Implications of isthmic location as a risk factor in papillary thyroid carcinoma
Ohjoon Kwon, Sohee Lee, Ja Seong Bae, Chan Kwon Jung
ERα promotes SUMO1 transcription by binding with the ERE and enhances SUMO1-mediated protein SUMOylation in breast cancer
Quhui Wang, Nannan Zhang, Xiaobing Yang, Shichun Feng, Feiran Wang, Wei Zhang, Zhixian He

Case Report

Catastrophic rhabdomyolysis following breast reconstruction operation using an abdominal flap: a case report
Myeong Jae Kang, Hyun Geun Cho, Jeong-Hoon Lim, Sung-Hye Byun, Su-Hyun Lee, Byeongju Kang, Jeeyeon Lee, Ho Yong Park, Jeong Yeop Ryu, Kang Young Choi, Jung Dug Yang, Ho Yun Chung, Byung Chae Cho, Joon Seok Lee