Vol 13, No 4 (April 29, 2024): Gland Surgery

Original Article

The impact of nodule size on malignancy risk in indeterminate thyroid nodules
Saad M. Alqahtani, Hamed I. Albalawi, Yousef S. Alalawi, Areej A. AlFattani, Saif S. Al-Sobhi
Increased risk of multiple metastases and worse overall survival of metastatic pancreatic body and tail cancer: a retrospective cohort study
Haoqi Zhang, Qingquan Tan, Chengzhi Xiang, Xubao Liu, Zhenjiang Zheng
Functional outcomes and quality of life in patients who undergone conventional or endoscopic/robotic retroauricular neck dissection: a case-control study
Erickson Borges-Santos, Telma Ribeiro Rodrigues, Renan Bezerra Lira, Marco Aurelio Vamondes Kulcsar, Luiz Paulo Kowalski
The prognostic value of lymph node dissection in patients with parathyroid carcinoma
Mingjun Wang, Tao Wei, Rixiang Gong, Jingqiang Zhu, Zhihui Li, Yanping Gong
Ultrasound deep learning radiomics and clinical machine learning models to predict low nuclear grade, ER, PR, and HER2 receptor status in pure ductal carcinoma in situ
Meng Zhu, Yalan Kuang, Zekun Jiang, Jingyan Liu, Heqing Zhang, Haina Zhao, Honghao Luo, Yujuan Chen, Yulan Peng
Development and validation of a nomogram for preoperative prediction of ipsilateral cervical central lymph node metastasis in papillary thyroid cancer: a population-based study
Dan Zhao, Wei Li, Xiaomei Zhang