Vol 12, No 4 (April 28, 2023): Gland Surgery

Original Article

Sexual disparity and the risk of second primary thyroid cancer: a paradox
Mohammad Hussein, Lauren Mueller, Peter P. Issa, Muhib Haidari, Lily Trinh, Eman Toraih, Emad Kandil
Detection value of endoscopic ultrasound-guided 19G fine-needle wet-heparinized suction for pancreatic solid tumors: a randomized controlled trial
Bo Xu, Qian Lu, Haiyan Xu, Huawei Gui, Zhuqing Peng, Xiangwu Ding
Retrospective study of characteristics and hyperthermia intraperitoneal perfusion in mucinous borderline ovarian tumor and mucinous ovarian carcinoma
Xiaoli He, Ruiqiong Ying, Linlin Jia, Yali Li, Rui Li
The comparison between young and old patients and the prognostic roles of magnetic resonance imaging-related parameter characteristics in young patients—a retrospective cohort study
Lijuan Hu, Jimei Jiang, Xiaoyan Wang
Analysis of risk factors for postoperative bleeding and recurrence after laparoscopic myomectomy in patients with uterine fibroids: a retrospective cohort study
Huiqin Han, Wenping Han, Tianxiong Su, Chune Shang, Jing Shi
Investigation into the current status of cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization of da Vinci surgical instruments—a cross-sectional survey
Aiqin Chen, Ze Yuan, Hanyan Chen, Xuehui Wang, Huan Li, Xinyue Zhang
Analysis of risk factors for negative emotions in perioperative period of ovarian cancer patients and their impact on prognosis
Jing He, Yang Zhang