Review Article

Robotic adrenalectomy

Ozer Makay, Varlik Erol, Murat Ozdemir


With the recent advances in equipment and surgical techniques, robot-assisted surgery has become accepted and efficient in the surgical field. It is an emerging technology that can safely be applied for a broad spectrum of surgical procedures. As a result of increased ergonomics, three-dimensional view of the operative area and improved moving capacity of the robotic arms with multi-articulation, robotic technology also has found place in adrenal surgery. Recently, robot-assisted adrenal surgery has been adopted widely in many high-volume tertiary centers. Although there are expected theoretical benefits to this approach, the literature is lacking regarding high level evidence. In this review, we will discuss implementation of robotic adrenalectomy as well as perioperative and postoperative measures that helped improved outcomes, offer a comparison of outcomes between conventional laparoscopic adrenalectomy and robotic adrenalectomy and summarize recent developments that may offer evidence for or against a paradigm shift in this specific field of endocrine surgery.

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